Simple Tips for Starting an Herb Garden

Here at Daily Bread, we love our gardens! However, if you’re like some of us and spring breezed by leaving you without a garden or a plan, don’t fret! You can still have a wonderful herb garden throughout the hotter months.

You can find basic herbs ready to be transplanted at your local garden center but growing your herbs from seeds can be quite fun, delicious and interesting!

Prepare your soil. Herbs like rich soil so fertilize, or add compost, at planting time but avoid over fertilizing and spreading fertilizer throughout the growing season. Gently loosen compacted soil, sprinkle the herb seeds on the surface and pat the seeds down, no need to completely bury the tiny seeds.

Plant your herbs in the right spot. Herbs can spend their lives outside but need to be in a cooler area receiving five to eight hours of sunlight each day and staying under 90 degrees. Many herbs can be grown in a few hanging baskets, pots, in a small corner of your current garden or even mixed right in with your  existing flowers in your flower beds. Grow your herbs near your kitchen and you’ll use them a lot more!

Check the soil often. When you notice the herbs becoming dry and if the top few inches of soil is dry to the touch, add a bit of water.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor. When you notice the herbs beginning to flower, harvest your herbs! To encourage growth, pick off the flowers and use the tender leaves. You can prune the herbs to control their size and shape. Experiment throughout the different stages of growth and decide which taste you like best! You might like the smaller, more delicate flavor of new leaves or leaves that have had some time to mature.